Vampires images and photos - Page 4

Stories of vampires, obviously, have a real background. How else to explain the undying interest in these mysterious creatures? Today, some scholars have taken it upon myself to assert that there are vampires! However, humanity's time to stop to take these things as spawn of Satan. Vampirism, scientists say, is just a manifestation of genetic disease - porphyria, which is treatable. This is gallery of vampires images.

In XIX century the fear of vampires was so great that people struggle with them acquires a special portable sets. One of these kits antivampirskih was recently sold at auction "Fine & Co." in Oregon (USA) for $ 12,000. The elegant bag, made in 1880, includes: a folding ivory crucifix, silver bullets and mold for casting an aspen stake, garlic powder, vial of serum antivampirskoy and jar of gunpowder. Silver bullets to shoot a vampire - just so they can "fill up". Aspen stake should be driven into the body of fallen vampire, so that his soul is not moved to someone else. Protivovampirskuyu serum, taken orally, being bitten by that myself should become a vampire. Sprinkle with garlic powder room, because it dares to smell blood-suckers. According to the head of the auction campaign Nisong Stephanie Ryan, a fear of the descendants of Dracula is reborn. Wanting to buy antivampirskie kits are becoming more and more.