Vampires images and photos - Page 3

Legends about vampires so attractive today for fans of the Gothic genre, have a real basis. Indeed, there are people in the world whose skin does not tolerate sunlight, their teeth look like fangs and painted in ocher, nails and toes look like claws of animals, and the garlic is deadly allergic reaction. Here are these poor live far from being so reckless, as represented in novels, fantasy films and the "living dead". Vampires images and vampires pictures are very popular.

The legends of the undead and ghosts that roam at night and feed on blood, there are almost all nations. In the legends of vampires are presented as half-decayed monster: soulless and not too smart.

For instance, in Slavic mythology is the belief that a vampire will not rise from the grave, if there pour grain - until the morning he will reevaluate the grains.