Can the love between man and vampire?

Can the love between man and vampire? - It is unlikely, because vampires can not truly love. Researchers have found a vampiric heritage only a few such cases, the rest is fiction and figment of the imagination of people. Legends about vampires in love inspire writers and writers to create masterpieces of forbidden love vampire and human.

Vampire nature and essence are contrary to the universal human emotions such as love and compassion. A vampire can not fall in love, he can only play up to his victim, portraying love, and when she gets completely under his power, ruthlessly kill her, draining every last drop of blood.



One interesting legend tells of how a young aspiring writer Oscar Wilde was smitten with love for a vampire aristocrat, and nearly became a victim. Fortunately for him, the vampire was a fan of his work at the last moment and spared him. Another source says that the writer managed to peek into the soul of a vampire. Impressed by what he saw the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray." Whatever it was, but cases of "unconventional" love mentioned in many stories. If the case of Wilde actually occurred, it was not love, lust and carnal lust.

How can one trust a vampire, which instead of the heart piece of ice, which is very difficult to melt? Those who did, were able to fully enjoy the heavenly bliss of love. Such exceptions are very rare. Imagine a vampire who has lived for hundreds of years and did not like either one but himself, suddenly falls in love. The terrible passion seizes him, insatiable hunger and painful. At such moments, his protruding eyes, which were previously filled with an undercurrent of suffering, and then lit a light of hope for a different life than that which he was destined by fate.

In love with a vampire obsessed object of love, and nobody and nothing will stop him on his way to the desired goal. The strength of his love more powerful than the thirst for human blood. The vampire will enjoy every moment spent with your loved one. He did not bother to revel in their love, as the rejection of it means a return to loneliness and anger all over the world.

But how safe is a beautiful love a vampire? Vampire will never deliberately hurt a loved one, moreover, he is willing to die for him. In love with a vampire man can go to the victim and offer their blood to alleviate suffering, hunger, devoured by an eternal vampire. This is associated with greater risk for life as a vampire himself poorly controlled and can drain a beloved girl (if a vampire - a man) to the bottom.

We must look for another solution. If you always give a vampire to drink his blood, he gets used to precisely this blood, as to the drug. And very soon, will be considered the object of his passion the blood of this man, not his own. Love feeling merged with a thirst for blood, it will require more and more until you take the whole bag of tricks. And when realizes its mistake, it will be too late. Vampires are resurrecting people live only in myths. But to draw a person into a vampire, they can, but as no surprise, denied that her lover. Why? Because love does not want a vampire for your love life in the darkness and the eternal pursuit of bloody pleasures of life full of violence and hopelessness.

However, when a person is in mortal danger because of illness or other reasons, the vampire can turn into a vampire lover. Then he becomes the protector of the blood. Unfortunately, the love between two vampires can not last forever. Their emotions will cool down sooner or later. Those vampires who have been through it, try to never repeat the mistakes, unlike vampires newcomers who are sure that they are going to be different. Older vampires do not believe in love and eternal happiness.