Why women fall in love with a vampire?

With the help of literary man can renounce unsavory reality and open up new horizons in front of him, and without any ill effects have been for himself. Especially important it seems, when a life full of boredom and frustration, seriously we are not satisfied ... Books give recharge our imagination, even while reading, we fantasize in the plot. Closing the book, we can mentally move the narrative from the book to the next level, created especially for us though. Having read anything particularly exciting, it's hard to remember the subject of narration only from case to case: a man thinks about it constantly.

vampire love

       Take, for example, the obsession of modern teenagers "Twilight." Because of what the girls are so passionately fall in love with Edward Cullen? Because there's just that this vampire is sexy and has superhuman abilities? Of course not. Themselves become vampires in the eyes of a special charm, when in 1897 published "Dracula." Vampire - the seductive creature that looks attractive and yet reminiscent of fear. What is more?! We want to be a vampire has conquered us, and concluded in his arms, brought an unearthly pleasure. And, perhaps even turned us into vampires. Edward is a very hot vampire and you can see many pictures with him and other vampire images.

       In 1976 Anne Rice published her first book about vampires - "Interview with the Vampire." The writer has transformed the vampire literature: now the vampires were not just creatures of darkness, they were themselves victims of the night. Their relationships with people is not limited by the fact that vampires feed on human blood: the vampire by Anne Rice dared to appear in human society, friendship led to people and their captivated by its beauty. It was such vampires: beautiful, powerful, immortal - we would like to be themselves. Among men and women, inspired by the great creative imagination Anne Rice, the era of vampire-themed hobbies.

       So why do women fall in love with a vampire? First of all, because vampires do not fit into the social norms and wreak will take possession of anything unusual. They cursed the creation, the embodiment of forbidden pleasures, and it attracts women, eager to go against the rules and challenge society. Vampires - free beings who can act, as it pleases, without regard for social norms and human laws.You can see many vampire images where vampires are kissing each other.

       All these endless possibilities beckon a women who is probably tired from work and household chores and would like to meet along the way something that will allow them to become free. It is easy to see why readers of Anne Rice's books fall in love with Louis and Lestat. A lot of womal fall in love with virtual vampire once saw the vampire images that broke their hearts. Indeed, in addition to everything, the flight of imagination does not cause suffering.