What is a vampire

For a long time, all information about vampires and werewolves, ghouls has been completely classified. Until now, we do not know where the archives are stored state commission responsible for investigating especially important cases. When you are declassified? Who was the first take the liberty to highlight the real events? A lot of questions. Rely on the "manna", which suddenly falls out of the Supreme layers on our sinful heads, we can not. Do not wait. And so will investigate themselves.

What we can see today in the press? Several low-cost booklets with vampire images written by charlatans and Graphomaniacs, domestic and foreign . This debris reject immediately. And remember, we are counting on the reader's serious and thoughtful. Wash up old linen gossip concocted on the kitchen level, we will not. There are some good things not worth mentioning the objects of our research in the scientific and popular literature - all from the Marxist-Leninist positions. This is more so we will not do. Although some people from theorists and practitioners mentioned flows for the night is better not to remember. What else? Short article in the encyclopedia with vampire pics, "Myths of nations of the world."



We give it in full:
"The vampire mythology in the lower dead peoples of Europe, at night, getting up from the grave and being in the shape of a bat, sucking the blood of sleeping people, Sender of Nightmares. Vampires became" unclean "dead - the criminals, suicides, deaths of premature death and died from the bite of a vampire . It was believed that their bodies did not decompose in the grave, and to stop their atrocities could, by driving into the body of an aspen stake a vampire, decapitating him, and so on amulets against vampires served as garlic, iron, bells, etc. In Slavic mythology - ghoul. "
Is extremely small. Virtually no information. Nevertheless, we present brief article from the aforementioned encyclopedia devoted to the ghoul.

"Vampire in Slavic mythology, a corpse, attacking people and animals, the image of this vampire is taken by the nations of Western Europe by the Slavs (see Vampire). According to the precepts of the Old Russian against the pagans, they gave require (offerings), vampires and Guardian before it began to worship Perun . According to the later legends, the ghoul is the death of a man born from evil spirits or spoiled by it (the child-vampire can be identified by double rows of teeth), the deceased, after which the coffin was a black cat jumped (hell), more often - unclean ("hostage") dead, a suicide, who died an unnatural death, especially the sorcerers. At night the vampire rises from his grave and in the appearance of bloodshot dead or zoomorphic creature kills people and animals, at least drains the blood, after which the victim dies, and she can become ghoul; known superstitions of whole villages vampires. "

Not much. Although pleased with the recognition of Soviet scientists (they like very rarely), and that the nations of Western Europe we have something still borrowed, and then - we all just, say, around the world begging.You can see many awesome vampire images in our days. But - to the point. In pre-revolutionary scientists, researchers, materials much more than the current "Marxist theoreticians" and "Marxist practitioners" (other categories in this country with very few exceptions, not even today's most notorious "Democratic-progressive" adults in the bowels of orthodox Marxism, themselves it strengthened and wallow in it forever, no matter what slogans they are not nominated), this material is much weightier, more qualitatively. Meanwhile vampirelogy as a separate discipline, in RUSSIA did not exist - for titans of thought and spirit XVIII-XIX centuries this subject was too small.

vampires pictures


We will introduce you to the basic researches prerevolutionary Russian science in the field of vampirelogy in future editions. And now try to define more precisely the object of our search. To do this, turn away from the materialistic world of superstition and try on their own (no other way so far) to remove those statistical physics code set, which were laid down in the consciousness of each one of us still in school years: as a result of a monstrous unprecedented experiment conducted by the executioners, vivisector of our people, significant part of the brain of each of us was simply switched off, this part was not involved in cognitive processes. Completely turn us into mindless, soulless robots, the experimenters could not be racists. Now all the pashas of the will - we will restore itself or not, it all depends on us. None of the code is not psihobarer forever, talking about this extreme case of encoding and decoding, in particular, the experiments carried out with the so-called "zombies" who are able to return the human being. To repeat, to penetrate the mysteries of the world around us to the limit concentration, because the plain text is the multiple layers of information, are not perceived simultaneously, resulting in a single reading.

But let's start from the beginning, with the first steps of cyclopean ladder by which we will ascend to the throne.
Let's start with a direct, overt statements:
Vampires and vampirism, in spite of us imposed a Marxist-Judaic dogma, there is a fact, it is an objective reality as ours, and other worlds.