Vampires are among us

One university professor decided to investigate whether live actually vampires among us. We are talking about the "mosquito" and not "power feeding" representatives of the variety of the human race. In 1972, Professor Stephen Kaplan founded the New York research center «Vampire Research Center» and began eagerly to look for the vampires around the world.There are many things dedicated to vampires - vampire images for example and horrorful stories.


vampire picture


The certain technique was developed that helped to separate the true vampires of those who, for whatever reason they decided to pretend to be. It turned out that vampires are living among us today differ significantly from the traditional way, inspired by Bram Stoker's famous book, "Dracula." They do not sleep in a coffin during the day to avoid death from the sun, and drink a liter of blood every night to extend his immortal existence. You can see bloody vampire meal on the various vampire pictures.

It turned out that modern vampires are much more modest and human their prototype. Yes, they love blood relatives, but only because they feel very much uncomfortable with prolonged absence of it. They take blood, or rather suck in medicinal doses - roughly one a glass 2-3 times a week. According to the vampires, the blood supply to them, usually friends or relatives, devoted to the singularity of their bodies.

The process itself gives them almost sexual pleasure. By the way, have sex as such, they are not very interested. Garlic is they really do not like it because it gives the odor of blood, and they are very sensitive to smells, and in general, vampires is a thin nature. For the same reason they avoid bright sunlight, which adversely affect their eyesight, and skin.The fact that vampires are afraid of sunlight you can see in many vampire images.

Slender man with pale skin, leading closed, mostly nocturnal, lifestyle, constantly wearing dark glasses, raised and unemotional - these are the outward signs by which we can determine if the vampires among us.