Are there really vampires?

Previously, this seemingly innocent question completely, resulted in many embarrassing and not seldom been the subject of heated debate. Now it seems pointless and ridiculous trash, without unfounded, although it is not.

       Evidence that the vampires do not exist since the invention of their appearance in our world. Simply, they were well hidden, as well as many other things (UFOs, werewolves).

       And yet, there is an obvious proof - describe all vampires are already dead and the surviving cultures. Beginning and ending with Africa by China and India, and everywhere there are images and descriptions of human-beings who drink the blood of their victims. They possess supernatural strength, speed, long fangs, pale skin, do not like sunlight and garlic.

       It seems to me that the mention of vampires in different countries - a clear proof that our world is, if not the same, or at least very similar creatures.

       Now the evidence of which we know little. For the year described some hundreds, sometimes thousands of cases a meeting with the vampires, and they are all similar. But, despite the fact that the evidence for rare, yet they are significant, even if we exclude the majority of them, which is a blatant lie or mere speculation. Truthful evidence is gradually accumulating, supporting evidence for the existence of vampires. By the way, many sources mention that vampires are very rich and prosperous.

       In any case, we must recognize the existence of vampires, and explain why we so rarely see them. But before they transgress to this discussion, I want to tell you about all the possible types of vampires and their features. Also in many internet resourses you can see different vampire images.

       (The following information was obtained from authentic sources, and deliberately cut.)

       1. Real vampires. This is a vampire, which is likely to have been generated by the ruins of hell and Lucifer were sent to earth to sow misery and evil. They were strong, but God made them sensitive to sunlight and garlic, they not only weaken the force of vampires, but they can kill them. This is pure blood vampire, is not tainted by genes of people. They left a little, but they still live in our society, although most are in hibernation (hibernation periods vampires last from several years to several centuries). They have pale skin, long teeth protruding, they can not tolerate sunlight and garlic. There are vampires with pointed ears and cat-like eyes.You can find many vampire images dedicated to the real vampires.

       2. Modern vampires. This hybrid, which appeared as a result of mixing with people. As a result of varying degrees of gene fusion of vampires and humans, each with its own characteristics of hybrids. It is because of this they are weak. Compared with real vampires are nothing. But they also have things in common: long fangs, they are sensitive to sunlight and garlic, but not so much. They are hard to distinguish from the people, and, besides, there are different types of modern vampires (Homo Wampyrus) or they are called Homo Wampyrus Draco. There are many nice vampire images.

       3. Energy vampires. They feed on energy rather than blood, and in terms of biology, they are the true Homo Sapiens.

       4. Sanguinarians - people who just drink blood.

       By the way, breed vampires, as well as we, as a result of their genes mix with men. Although, they can infect a person if his bite, but so genes do not mix. Technically, the spread of the virus of vampirism has long ceased because these vampires slowly disappear. In fact, the virus still exists vampirism in this Vampires (and they are in hibernation), mutates and becomes weaker. The forces of these vampires, unfortunately, disappeared.

vampires images

       For example, earlier it was believed that a vampire can be killed, but his heart pierced with an aspen stake. It was first used by one priest. At that moment, when his church was attacked by vampires and killed his brothers, God told him to send an aspen stake soul vampires back to hell. But this stereotype is now unlikely to be true (especially when it comes to modern vampires.)

       Thus, all information was given about vampires and now deserves to be told, why do we rarely see them.

       1. Real vampires are not visible because they are dormant, in the dark places where no light can penetrate.

       2. Modern vampires virtually indistinguishable from humans.

       3. Vampires rarely attacked because they receive blood through friends or donors. Perhaps there are government agents who provide vampire power.

       4. Most of those who can see a vampire - well-trained, professional hunters (most often, they work separately from the government, that provides even greater privacy). They can quickly distinguish a vampire from the man.

       5. Most vampires do not even know they ere vampires! (Aversion to the sun can be caused by many diseases, and the thirst for blood is treated as a mental disorder, while the strength, speed and other physical differences are taken as natural gifts. Although, modern vampires can not have that power, which has the gene for vampirism within them)

       In general, vampires exist and have always existed. Records of the vampire, observations and descriptions of meetings with them attested in the historical records, but their variation may not necessarily be picked up correctly due to poorly developed technology that would have been able to do it.

       The general opinion of vampires as the strange and unusual creatures fundamentally not true. In fact, they are the same people but with extraordinary needs and abilities (the term "real vampire" and "modern vampire" is now used as the same thing, because these vampires are practically no "). We must say that modern vampires are nice and hot. You can see many vampire images.