Apotamkin - Frost Demon

Frost demon - it's a vampire, which for humans is dazzlingly beautiful perfect being. Their beauty fascinating, grace of the body is simply gorgeous, and the color white, smooth, dark eyes - red.

But when the vampire refuses to drink human blood and begins to drink the blood of animals - their eyes get gold - honey color, and when they are thirsty, their eyes are black. You can see many vampire images with Apotamkin.

People are afraid of them, but do not understand why, because of the beautiful and perfect creatures on the likeness of an angel, you need to keep as much as possible.

The man who became a vampire, takes physical strength, eye color changes to deep red, sight and hearing become more acute as the heart stops beating. When a person becomes a vampire look - it will forever remain in that state in which he transformed from a man. And does not change throughout the further existence. Also you can see vampire images with misterious embrace.

Frost-daemon can not die the usual death. Vampires do not bother the disease, they can not die from the usual hurt. But he must drink the blood of living creatures, to maintain "life" forces blood gives them strength.

But the constant thirst for blood they pay for eternal life. And when hungry vampire it relies only on instinct, intelligence, and other sensations are absent. They are also much afraid of sunlight, as sunlight can give them the true nature than man.

Their ability envied other predators in the world, as they also what the most dangerous, yet they are able to quietly and quickly moves the blood makes them incredibly strong, and well see in the dark, you can see many vampire images where you will see their secret life.

If you want to kill Cold-demon  - you must crucify him to pieces and burn. Other mythical ways, such as garlic, a wooden and a silver stake, holy water to them the danger.there are many  vampire pictures with Apotamkin death.

We were very attracted by the smell of Cold-daemon (a vampire), which for us is very enjoyable. It can not be with any other flavor you compare. Perhaps, that it attracts people like a victim.