Vampires images and photos

Cases with the appearance of vampires, occasionally slip in the western press. About vampires known to mankind since time immemorial. No nation of the world, which in myths and legends, there would be blood-sucking demons. You ccan find many vampires images here.

The most famous member is the vampire Count Dracula. The prototype of this character was a real person - Romanian prince Vlad Tepes, went down in history as one of the most brutal and murderous maniacs.

It is believed that vampires have a lot of skills to help them in bloodthirsty business. The first of these should include the ability to change the shape of the body. Buried vampire does not need to, whenever he leaves the grave, dig like a mole, the yield on two-meter thick surface soil. It is said that it can seep up through the ground and once on the surface, to the previous form. As desired vampire could become a wolf, bat, cat, rat, and even a light mist. In this or that form, he could climb on any wall, crawl through any window, and even penetrate through the keyhole. On this site you can find many vampire images.

According to the FBI in the world, there are several secret organizations hunt down and destroy vampires. For the scant data available at their disposal, vampires do exist. This - the living dead and must support themselves with the blood of the living. Despite the fact that the vampire clinically dead - his heart stopped beating, he was not breathing, his skin is cold, it never gets old - but he thinks and walks, and plans, and says, and hunt and kill. Because of his support for an artificial immortality vampire must periodically feed on blood, preferably human blood.

Information available to the fallen FBI refute the conventional wisdom that anyone who dies from the bite of the vampire rises to become a vampire. To become a vampire, as his murderer, the victim must be totally deprived of blood and then get a drop of blood a vampire. In the beginning, the newly created vampire thinks and acts in much the same way as in life. He is not converted immediately into the evil sadistic monster. However, the vampire soon learns his unconquerable thirst for blood and realizes that her life depends on power for its neighbors. Welcome to vampire pictures gallery!